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New Rapid Deployment M.I.L.PAC Microwave Sensors

January 1st, 2009

MilPac 316 F16Southwest Microwave introduces two outdoor, rapid-deployment detection sensors, the M.I.L.PAC 316 Relocatable Microwave Link and the M.I.L.PAC 385 Relocatable Microwave Transceiver. These portable sensors provide a high probability of detection and a low false alarm rate in an outdoor environment, and are resistant to rain, fog, wind, dust, falling snow and temperature extremes.

Precise detection pattern, extended battery life and unmatched ease of setup make M.I.L.PAC sensors ideal for protection of VIPs and critical mobile assets. They can be used at gates, portals or roadway crossings, or to establish a full perimeter of volumetric detection.

For quick setup, the sensors include rugged, lightweight adjustable tripods. Sensitivity and range controls are easily accessible on the rear of the units in weatherproof fittings. An available handheld performance monitor allows rapid verification of input voltage levels, alignment and alarm thresholds.

The CE-certified MILPAC 316 features 244 meter detection range and 135 hour battery life, and is ideal for operation within narrow corridors. M.I.L.PAC 385 offers 122-meter detection range, zero range suppression and 103 hours of continuous operation. A patented Range Cut-Off circuit makes the sensor immune to all targets beyond a pre-selected range. K-Band frequency on both units provides maximum resistance to radar interference.