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2010 Intelligent Perimeter Solutions Seminars

January 10th, 2010

SeminarsToday’s complex perimeter detection and assessment requirements call for technologies that network seamlessly without high cost or complication, especially when site characteristics or security level specify layered protection. Join Southwest Microwave for a highly-informative FREE seminar offering unique, intelligent solutions for today’s toughest perimeter protection challenges.

Discover valuable techniques for protecting a site from intrusion, theft, sabotage or harm to assets, infrastructure and personnel. Review application-specific detection solutions, system design considerations, CCTV assessment criteria and performance measures to achieve the highest probability of detection without nuisance alarms.

See live demonstrations of smart-sensor technologies combining state-of-the-art detection performance with universal communications protocol, configuration interface and monitoring options. Learn to deploy any combination of fence, buried cable or microwave sensors on a unified network platform to seamlessly protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal solution for that location.

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