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New Extended Length MicroPoint™ Cable

January 15th, 2010

MicroPoint Cable RollIn an effort to continuously improve the performance and functionality of our products, Southwest Microwave is pleased to announce that the length of our 200m (656 ft) INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ cable rolls (MC115-200 and MC315-200) has been increased by 20 meters (66 ft). Effective immediately, all orders will be fulfilled with these extended 220m (726 ft) rolls, which carry the new part numbers MC115-220 (standard MicroPoint™ cable) and MC315-220 (armored MicroPoint™ cable).

This modification increases the linear coverage per roll of MicroPoint™ cable. Fence detection can be easily achieved for 200m (656 ft) of fenceline on each side of a MicroPoint™ Processor Module (PM). The remaining cable* conveniently accommodates service loops and fence post transitions.

As a value-added benefit, Southwest Microwave is offering this product enhancement to our customers at no extra cost.

Future orders for MicroPoint™ cable should reflect the new MC115-220 and MC315-220 part numbers.

We are confident that this product enhancement will greatly benefit the project requirements of our MicroPoint™ customers going forward. Please contact your Southwest Microwave Sales Representative or our Customer Service team at with any questions or concerns.

*Refer to Technical Note #223A (PDF) for instructions regarding cable length limits for detection.