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New-Generation INTREPID™ Intelligent Sensors Are Here

January 1st, 2010

INTREPID Single-Platform Detection SystemsWith Southwest Microwave’s new-generation INTREPID™ perimeter detection systems, state-of-the-art detection capabilities meet networked convenience, offering seamless perimeter security solutions when site characteristics or security level dictate the introduction of multiple sensor technologies.

The new-generation INTREPID™ family includes field-proven fence, buried cable and digital microwave detection technologies, made even smarter with single-platform networking. The MicroPoint™ II fence detection system, MicroTrack™ II buried cable detection system and Microwave 330 digital microwave link include enhanced features and unique detection capabilities to reliably protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes. For unparalleled configuration and operating convenience, new-generation INTREPID™ sensors employ a common communications protocol, universal set-up software, scalable system controllers and a broad input voltage range.

By eliminating the high cost and complication traditionally associated with integrating multiple sensor technologies, you can easily deploy any combination of INTREPID™ fence, buried and digital microwave solutions on a single network platform, to protect each portion of your perimeter with the optimal sensor for that location.

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