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Digital INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 Showcased at ASIS 2013

September 24th, 2013

Tempe, Arizona – Southwest Microwave will be showcasing the latest developments in perimeter smart sensors with live demonstrations of its INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 Digital Microwave Link at ASIS 2013 in Chicago this week. As the newest addition to the company’s INTREPID™ suite of intelligent detection solutions, this next-generation volumetric perimeter security system couples Southwest Microwave’s field-proven microwave detection technology with leading-edge digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities.

“Since developing the first bi-static microwave detection sensor in 1971, Southwest Microwave has set industry-leading performance standards, and INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 raises the bar another notch,” explained Bob Kirkaldie, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales. “This new system represents a significant global advancement in RF-based intrusion detection by incorporating an extensive range of digital features that are unique in today’s marketplace to maximize detection of intruders and minimize nuisance alarm rate (NAR).”

Designed for the protection of fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways and rooftop applications, the all-weather INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 offers a 1500 ft. detection range as well as robust programming, intrusion detection and remote management capabilities. Specialized detection algorithms continuously monitor alarm and tamper status, signal strength and detection parameters. Enhanced crawl and vehicle detection optimize probability of detection (pD), while unique Fresnel suppression algorithms successfully discriminate between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances or other false targets, mitigating risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms.

The system’s superior K-band performance identifies slow-moving intruders and prevents interference from external radar or other microwave systems. Built-in synchronization facilitates simultaneous operation of multiple sensors, even when double, triple or quad stacked, making the MicroWave 330 ideal for even the highest security applications.

INTREPID™ MicroWave 330’s networking capabilities enable high-level integration with Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ fence and buried cable detection systems plus third-party surveillance applications on a unified communications platform. The INTREPID™ sensor suite also features universal set-up software, scalable multi-language system controllers, integrated I/O modules and a common input voltage range, maximizing flexibility and operating convenience for layered perimeter protection applications.

“Our microwave technology has been the solution of choice at many of the world’s most security-sensitive sites for over four decades,” confirmed Kirkaldie. “With sensors operating successfully in the field for upwards of fifteen or twenty years, customers recognize the reliability of Southwest Microwave products. By introducing unique digital functionality that enhances Pd, further reduces NAR and provides networked convenience, INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 is an exciting new alternative for our customers.”

Visit Southwest Microwave at ASIS booth #1063.

Learn more about INTREPID™ Microwave 330.

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