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New Alphalogic – INTREPID™ Series II Integration

September 10th, 2013

Tempe, Arizona – Southwest Microwave today announced a comprehensive integration between the ALPHAOPEN Alphalogic software platform and its INTREPID™ Series II perimeter intrusion detection technologies.

The Alphalogic security and building management software platform provides a universal solution for control and monitoring of security sensitive areas protected by the INTREPID™ MicroPoint II fence detection system, MicroTrack II buried cable detection system and MicroWave 330 digital microwave link. The system can also incorporate management of IP security cameras and access control solutions.

This broad-featured adapter from ALPHAOPEN monitors intrusion, tamper and service alarms from INTREPID™ devices through the Alphalogic head-end, and presents visual information as objects on the map, event lists, graphs or other formats. Alphalogic further enables monitoring of surveillance video associated with events from INTREPID™ Series II devices, triggering CCTV presets programmed to correspond with INTREPID™ detection zones for precise assessment of alarms.

The Alphalogic – INTREPID™ Series II integration combines accurate identification of unauthorized intrusions with monitoring and analysis of alarm events so that system operators may take appropriate countermeasures. The platform supports the following capabilities upon trigger of an alarm from an INTREPID™ device:

  • Acceptance and processing of intrusion, tamper and service alarms
  • Automatic positioning of CCTV camera presets to correspond to INTREPID™ detection zones
  • Playback or recording of live IP-camera video from any zone within the protected area
  • Visual illustration of alarm locations on graphic map or mobile device
  • Triggering of preprogrammed Operator response scenarios
  • SMS, email or third-party notification of a detected breach
  • Historical alarm analysis (using Alphalogic Reporting Service)

Learn more (PDF) about the Alphalogic – INTREPID™ Series II integration.

Visit the ALPHAOPEN website.

Southwest Microwave offers Third Party Interface (TPI) or Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation to third-party developers at no charge for the INTREPID™ fence, buried cable and microwave intrusion detection systems, enabling high-level interface of these solutions to security management systems, assessment technologies (CCTV / DVR) and other custom control applications. Contact us to request TPI / SDK documentation. Learn more about our Technology Partners.

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