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New Datalog 5 Integration offers Seamless PIDS Management

February 11th, 2014

Cortech Developments

Southwest Microwave is pleased to announce a major integration development between its new-generation INTREPID™ suite of perimeter intrusion detection systems and Cortech’s Datalog 5 security management system.

The INTREPID™ family of sensors, incorporating the MicroPoint™ II fence detection system, MicroTrack™ II buried cable detection system and MicroWave 330 digital microwave link, integrates with Datalog 5 to provide alarm integration combining CCTV video, video motion detection/analytics and other detection sensors with live video playback on alarm and pre and post playback verification.

New generation INTREPID™ devices compatible with Datalog 5 include:

  • MicroPoint™ II Processor Module
  • MicroTrack™ II Processor
  • MicroWave 330 (Tx/Rx)
  • Relay Output Module II-16
  • Relay Output Module II-8
  • Alarm Input Module II

Datalog 5 monitors MicroPoint™ II for the detection of fence cut or climb attempts and MicroTrack™ II for walking, running or crawling intruders, reporting these alarms on a Datalog 5 circuit. Should either system detect an intrusion attempt, an alarm will annunciate on the Datalog 5 system and visually indicate the precise location of the disturbance to within 3m. Tamper alarms are reported for Processor Modules, Alarm Input Modules and Relay Output Modules. Cable faults and communication failure alarms are also generated on Datalog 5.

Datalog 5 will further report the range of alarms enunciated by the MicroWave 330 sensor, including intrusion, Tx/Rx tamper, path monitoring and service alarms. Auxiliary inputs on all INTREPID™ devices can be monitored for alarm and tamper conditions.

For all INTREPID™ systems, the Datalog 5 alarm circuit will display an icon denoting the alarm’s position and the associated text will be placed in the alarm queue and recorded in the history database.

Datalog 5 is a comprehensive and intuitive monitoring and control system that interfaces and interacts with a wide range of manufacturers’ control equipment including Intruder, Perimeter, Fire, Access, CCTV, Digital Recording, Cell Call, Intercom, Concierge, Staff Safety, Building Alarms and other emerging technologies. Features and benefits include:

  • Centralized monitoring and control for local and remote sites, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs
  • Ease of use, calling for minimal operator training
  • Single database for all systems, offering full audit trail and maximum accountability
  • A single operating platform for all equipment under control, providing access to events and direct resources in seconds
  • Pre and post video verification, ensuring maximal response to any alarm or event

Datalog 5 also interfaces with Southwest Microwave’s first-generation MicroPoint™ Cable and MicroTrack™ systems

Since 1992, Cortech has developed integrated command and control software solutions for critical infrastructure and high security environments.

Southwest Microwave offers Third Party Interface (TPI) or Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation to third-party developers at no charge for the INTREPID™ fence, buried cable and microwave intrusion detection systems, enabling high-level interface of these solutions to security management systems, assessment technologies (CCTV / DVR) and other custom control applications.

Contact us to request TPI / SDK documentation.
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