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New High-Security Standalone INTREPID™ Model 336 Digital Microwave Sensor

September 8th, 2015

Model 336

Southwest Microwave has expanded its suite of INTREPID™ intelligent perimeter detection systems with the new INTREPID™ Model 336 Long Range Digital Microwave Link. This advanced, standalone volumetric sensor couples Southwest Microwave’s field-proven RF detection technology with leading-edge embedded digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities to reliably discriminate between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances or other false targets, mitigating risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms.

Designed for the protection of fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways and rooftop applications, the all-weather INTREPID Model 336 has a 457 m (1500 ft) detection range and operates at K-band frequency, optimizing the detection of slow-moving intruders and limiting susceptibility to interference from external radar or other microwave systems. Unique parabolic dish and antenna design assures superior beam control and predictable Fresnel zones, further enhancing probability of detection (Pd) and low nuisance alarm rates (NAR).

Offering maximum protection against human sabotage, Model 336 is a high-security detection solution for security-sensitive sites such as nuclear plants, correctional facilities or government / military installations. Heavy duty components and packaging, integrated radome tamper switches and optional steel enclosures for external wiring and connections prevent physical abuse. Integrated EMI/RFI shielding protects sensor electronics against external electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.

“To address the needs of our most security sensitive customers, this sensor’s standalone configuration and on-board relay alarm outputs for monitoring of alarms eliminate the risk of hacking or other digital compromise faced by networked devices,” said Bob Kirkaldie, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales.

Model 336 features 6 crystal-controlled, field-selectable modulation channels with narrow band filtering, preventing interference between sensors. Units can be dual, triple or quad stacked for ultra-high security applications.

User-friendly Installation Service Tool (IST) software simplifies sensor set-up, and graphically controls and monitors sensor status, control parameters and signal strength with laptop convenience via optically-isolated, surge protected USB-B connection.

“All of our INTREPID solutions offer a unique feature set relative to other technologies in the perimeter security marketplace in terms of ease of use, consistently repeatable performance in maximizing intruder detection while minimizing nuisance alarms, and ability to withstand climatic extremes or tampering,” explained Kirkaldie.

“Our INTREPID Model 336 bi-static sensor is no exception. As a standalone, long range digital sensor with high Pd, low NAR and enhanced protection against physical or digital compromise, this is an attractive new high-security alternative for our customers.”

Learn more about Southwest Microwave’s Model 336 High-Security Digital Microwave Sensor.

Download the Model 336 Data Sheet

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