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Attend Our Webinar: Perimeter Detection Systems Planning, August 29, 1 P.M. ET

July 2nd, 2018

Perimeter Defense Webinar

When designing a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS), evaluating a facility’s perimeter boundaries and physical environment are as important as assessing its intrusion risk.

This webinar will equip security consultants, specifiers, A&Es, systems integrators and end users with useful system planning strategies for selecting a PIDS solution that addresses a facility’s unique physical characteristics and infrastructure.

We’ll review the performance benefits of today’s latest PIDS technologies and how they can be successfully applied in particular site environments. Moreover, we will provide tips for selecting the right PIDS solution and vendor partners to ensure that all relevant bases are covered in orchestrating a smooth system implementation.

  • EVALUATE the physical characteristics of your facility’s perimeter boundary when planning a PIDS technology strategy
  • UNDERSTAND the unique features of various perimeter intrusion detection solutions
  • LEARN how to select the appropriate sensor type for a particular physical environment and threat level
  • IDENTIFY key criteria for ensuring PIDS implementation success

Our experts will be available to answer your questions during a live Q & A session.



Tim Tim Claus, Eastern Regional Manager
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Tim Claus has over 15 years of experience in critical infrastructure and high-value asset protection. He partners with A&Es and system integrators to address application-specific intrusion detection considerations facing security-sensitive end-users. He has provided installation field support and sensor performance evaluations, and has developed perimeter detection system designs for clients in the defense, utility/energy, industrial and correctional sectors.
Jeff Jeff Drews, Sales Manager, U.S. Gov. & Military Systems
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An expert in creating perimeter intrusion detection solutions for U.S. government clients, Jeff Drews has over 15 years of experience interfacing with end users and suppliers to heighten the security and protection of critical national assets, infrastructure and personnel. He has also been a key member of Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ technical training team and has contributed to the development of technical manuals and instructional videos for a range of PIDS technologies.