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Our flexible POE system controllers enable IP-based local or remote alarm monitoring and control for single or multi-site facilities of all sizes and configurations - maximizing perimeter security device management convenience.

System Controllers

INTREPID™ POE System Controllers provide flexible perimeter security management options for Southwest Microwave’s IP-based POE detection technologies, enabling the development of an alarm monitoring and control program to suit a facility’s unique requirements. INTREPID™ POE controllers offer scalable, plug-and-deploy solutions to manage sites of any size or configuration, with features ranging from local or remote relay control to centralized TCP / IP-based management of large or multi-site applications.

INTREPID™ POE controllers conveniently and reliably manage INTREPID™ POE perimeter detection sensors, including Model 334-POE-S, Model 336-POE and Model 316-POE (CE) Digital Microwave Links and MicroPoint™-POE-S Fence Detection System. These controllers enable the assignment of alarm inputs to specific perimeter zones. Zones may be visually depicted on a graphic user interface (GUI) and / or trigger outputs such as relay closures and camera PTZ presets so that when a perimeter breach is detected, precise visual assessment is achieved.

An INTREPID™ POE Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to developers at no cost for high-level interface of INTREPID™ POE sensors into custom monitoring and control applications. Learn more about our INTREPID™ Series II SDK options.