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By mounting several Model 455 sensors along the building parapet, our client is finally preventing intruders from climbing onto the rooftop and gaining access to his warehouse. -Gordon York, Wingate Protection

Model 455B Active Infrared Intrusion Sensor

Model 455B is a cost-effective, flexible outdoor active infrared detection sensor designed for short range applications. This solidly-constructed unit consists of a transmitter, which is the source of invisible pulsed active infrared emissions, and a receiver, which receives the beam signals, analyzes them, and detects walking or climbing intruders passing between the two columns.

Equipped with four infrared beams, the Model 455B creates an undetectable protection zone of up to 50 m (165 ft), and cannot be covered, masked or blocked without causing an alarm. Multiple beam paths must be interrupted simultaneously for an alarm to be generated, reducing nuisance alarms caused by small animals, birds or blowing debris.

The unit’s rugged modular construction allows beam sensors to be adjusted independently into any configuration. The unit is equipped with four field-selectable channels to prevent interference between adjacent or stacked sensors.

The Model 455B utilizes high power transmission beams for detection of walking or climbing intruders*. A hood shielding the sensor cover prevents interruption of beam reception in the presence of frost or dew. Supplied heating strips may be installed for added protection against weather and temperature extremes. An integrated alignment system allows quick, easy set-up and alignment by a single installer.

* Model 455B is not recommended for the detection of running targets