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We were struggling to find an adequate product for an extremely narrow corridor and Southwest Microwave came through with their Model 460 active infrared sensor. -Tim Rankin, TR Integrations

Model 460B Active Infrared Intrusion Sensor

Model 460B is a long-range high performance, outdoor active infrared sensor for detection of walking, running and crawling intruders. The Model 460B consists of two 2 m (6.7 ft) columns – a transmitter unit, which is the source of invisible, active infrared emissions, and a receiver unit, which receives the signals, analyzes them, and detects intruders passing between the two units. Equipped with six high power infrared transmission beams, the Model 460B creates an undetectable protection zone of up to 100 m (328 ft).

The Model 460B cannot be covered, masked or blocked without causing an alarm, as multiple beams in each column are multiplexed uniquely between transmitter and receiver. Beam frequency channel selection allows multiple beams in a single column to operate without interference.

The rugged module construction of the Model 460B allows beam sensors to be adjusted independently into any configuration. The beams are equipped with an automatic gain control (AGC) to compensate for infrared energy and to self adapt to weather conditions while maintaining a constant detection capability. An optional on-board heater provides operation in all weather extremes.

The Model 460B utilizes high power transmission beams for high probability of detection and reliability against nuisance alarms. An integrated alignment system, with available signal and LED indicators, allows a single installer to quickly and easily set up and adjust the sensor.