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ISC West Spotlight: Precise Event Detection on Rigid Fence with INTREPID™ MicroPoint™

February 20th, 2020

Join Southwest Microwave at ISC West booth #26103 from March 18-20 in Las Vegas to learn how our industry-leading intrusion detection systems pinpoint intrusion attempts, while ignoring harmless environmental disturbances and reducing nuisance alarms.

Featured Technology:

INTREPID™ MicroPoint™-POE-S Fence Detection System on Rigid Fence Fabrics

On rigid fence material, event-generated noise may vibrate several fence panels away from the actual location of the attempted intrusion. The unique calibration process of MicroPoint-POE-S allows it to pinpoint an intrusion attempt to within 1.1 meters. MicroPoint’s high resolution results in fewer nuisance alarms, distinguishing it from other fence sensors on the market.

We will offer demonstrations of these detection capabilities on rigid and chain-link fence materials, along with tie-ins to cameras and video management systems for real-time visual assessment of alarms. At our booth, learn how these features make MicroPoint-POE-S the field-proven fence detection leader:

  • Reliable detection of cut-or-climb attempts on a variety of fence fabrics, reducing nuisance alarms
  • Integration with TCP/IP networks through a single Ethernet cable, providing installation and maintenance convenience
  • Ignores harmless environmental disturbances, such as wind, rain or vehicle traffic
  • Detection zones are assigned via web browser – independent of processor location

Watch this video to learn more about INTREPID MicroPoint-POE-S and rigid fence applications.

Additional Featured Security Solutions

We will also feature our IP/POE-based volumetric microwave sensors (X-band Model 334-POE-S and K-band Model 336-POE). See how these enhanced detection sensors combine Southwest Microwave’s unmatched performance with connectivity ease and flexibility. They seamlessly integrate with other IP/POE perimeter security devices and cameras, enabling site design flexibility and lower infrastructure costs. Convenient management via authorized PC or handheld device and browser-based sensor set-up put control in operators’ hands, wherever they are.

Don’t Miss Our Presentation:

Integrated Detection & Assessment Solutions for Perimeter Security
Genetec Booth #26055 | Thursday, March 19 | 12 PM
Maira Zanrosso, Director of Sales and Marketing

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Southwest Microwave, Inc. produces, sells and supports the world’s broadest range of integrated outdoor perimeter security systems for the protection of critical infrastructure, assets and personnel. With over 45 years of experience and more than 70,000 systems in 100 countries, Southwest Microwave detection technologies fortify many of the world’s highest security sites in the government, military, utilities, industrial, transportation, correctional and VIP residential sectors. For more information, visit or YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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