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COVID-19 Update: Enhanced Safety & Continued Operations

March 25th, 2020

CoronaVirus Update

As Southwest Microwave remains operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to expand on our previous message regarding the enhanced practices we have implemented to best safeguard our employees, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The essential nature of our business and the products we manufacture has allowed us to continue operations and support our customers. Concurrently, we have enacted a work from home and no-travel policy for our professional staff to optimize social distancing recommendations and are offering flexible time off options to employees who fall ill.

Southwest Microwave has also put into place the following health and safety protocols at our manufacturing facility:

  • Promoting hygienic best practices and employee awareness
  • Requiring the use of gloves for all production activities
  • Monitoring temperatures of each employee and requiring hand sanitizer prior to entry
  • Sanitizing workspaces and high-traffic areas multiple times a day
  • Setting up cleaning supplies and sanitizing stations throughout the facility
  • Adjusting breaks and omitting group gatherings
  • Discontinuing guest visits

As a solutions provider for over 40 years, Southwest Microwave has overcome many challenges in the past and will continue to do so because of our dedicated supply chain and strong financial viability. We will communicate any production delays caused by COVID-19, but our goal is to minimize impact to our clients and partners.

Our team continues to be available to provide quotes, process orders and reply to inquiries regarding our products and lead times. Please feel free to contact your sales manager or email us.

Please stay well. We look forward to supporting you and finding ways to succeed together during this challenging time.


Michelle Roe
Southwest Microwave, Inc.

About Southwest Microwave, Inc.
Southwest Microwave, Inc. produces, sells and supports the world’s broadest range of integrated outdoor perimeter security systems for the protection of critical infrastructure, assets and personnel. With over 45 years of experience and more than 70,000 systems in 100 countries, Southwest Microwave detection technologies fortify many of the world’s highest security sites in the government, military, utilities, industrial, transportation, correctional and VIP residential sectors. For more information, visit or YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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