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Southwest Microwave Overview Video

Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of integrated, high-performance outdoor electronic perimeter security systems.

About Us

In 1971, Southwest Microwave introduced the world’s first commercial bistatic microwave sensor. Today, our extensive range of field-proven sensor technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and are internationally recognized for providing precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances in security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. 70,000 Southwest Microwave detection systems in 100+ countries now reliably secure broad-ranging facilities – from government and military installations to critical utilities, industrial and corporate campuses, correctional institutions, transportation centers and VIP residences.

Our Mission

Southwest Microwave’s mission is to provide industry-leading system design resources, leading-edge technology options and unparalleled customer support tools to ensure reliable, long-term perimeter detection solutions for the infrastructural, asset and personnel protection challenges of our global client base.

Our Customer Commitment

Product excellence reflects only one component of the Southwest Microwave customer commitment. Our pledge to provide world-class customer care is backed by extensive technical service capabilities, including system design and commissioning services, comprehensive training programs and responsive tech support. By delivering proven technologies and broad-reaching value-added services, Southwest Microwave offers a solid foundation for long-term integrated perimeter security solutions. Southwest Microwave’s reputation was built by those we serve. You, our customer, are our most important asset.