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Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems

Alarm Monitoring
and Control Systems

Southwest Microwave offers a range of security monitoring and control software for single or multi-site applications that operate with its INTREPID™ perimeter security systems.

Options include full color graphic map displays detailing precise alarm location and integrating data communications, event reporting and auxiliary security devices, to advanced security management tools incorporating live video and comprehensive assessment and reporting tools for centralized control of perimeter security operations across large or multiple sites.

A range of universal System Controllers seamlessly network single-platform INTREPID™ Series II perimeter detection devices, contact-closure auxiliary security devices and CCTV equipment or other system outputs via a common, open-architecture communications protocol. Universal controllers offer open-architecture networking of fence, buried and microwave sensors for high security or physically diverse applications that call for the introduction of multiple sensor technologies.

INTREPID Series II System Controllers

INTREPID™ Series II System Controllers

Open-architecture security management and networking solutions for diverse site parameters. INTREPID™ Series II systems only.

INTREPID Series II POE System Controllers

INTREPID™ POE System Controllers

Flexible, plug-and-play IP-based alarm monitoring and control management solution for effective perimeter security.


Intrepid™ Software Development Kits (SDK)

Tools enabling high-level interface of INTREPID™ detection solutions to third-party security management or surveillance systems.

Perimeter Security Manager II

Perimeter Security Manager II

The ultimate in device integration and ease of use for centralized perimeter security control across single or multiple locations.