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Having a full-screen map view automatically switch to full-screen camera view when there’s an alarm makes disturbance assessment more efficient. The high-level interface to Bosch is also nice. -Pete Montero, JCI

Perimeter Security Manager II

Perimeter Security Manager II (PSM II) is an advanced, Windows®-based security monitoring and control application that provides powerful intrusion detection system management capabilities and ease of use. The system is ideal for users seeking to manage numerous perimeter security devices and visual assessment tools across single or multiple networked locations.

PSM II monitors, displays and controls Southwest Microwave’s complete range of intelligent perimeter detection systems, including INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Cable, MicroPoint™ II, MicroPoint™-POE-S, MicroNet™ II, Micro­Track™ II, MicroWave 330, Model 316-POE-S, Model 334-POE-S and Model 336-POE-S. The system also seamlessly manages contact-closure auxiliary security devices, and facilitates high-level interface to CCTV cameras, digital or network video recorders and monitors.

Patented Migrating 3+ technology assures the highest levels of system redundancy and performance. This unique capability distributes control across multiple dedicated workstations so that if one becomes disabled, drivers are seamlessly migrated to a second with no interruption or downtime. Independent device and alarm status, SQL server database and GUI engines also ensure that operators have real-time access to this information.

Perimeter Security Manager II employs advanced system architecture to enable robust alarm handling and reporting capabilities using flexible cause-and-effect rules and escalation. These include definable user levels and access, programmable alarm and action scenarios, programmable CCTV tours and comprehensive database log files that provide detailed audit trails of operator activity or alarm events.

With extensive expansion potential and quick-configure screens and site plans, this unique, flexible Graphic User Interface (GUI)-based system offers a scalable solution for the successful management of an organization’s current and future perimeter security programs.