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Southwest Microwave Fence Detection Systems

Software Development Kits (SDK)

Southwest Microwave is committed to providing perimeter security solutions that will integrate seamlessly into our customers’ overall security programs to enable discovery, monitoring, command and control of these technologies through new or existing physical security information management (PSIM) systems, surveillance technologies (CCTV / DVR) and other custom control applications. We offer SDK documentation to developers and systems integrators at no cost for the following INTREPID™ perimeter intrusion detection systems and auxiliary devices:

Southwest Microwave’s SDK toolkits achieve a range of control and monitoring functionality for INTREPID™ sensors, including:

  • Real-time notification of intrusion attempts, tamper and service alarms
  • Monitoring of auxiliary inputs on all INTREPID™ devices for alarm and tamper conditions
  • Tie-in of camera setting and position presets to fence, buried cable and microwave detection zones
  • Visual assessment of intrusion attempts or tampering
  • Storage of intrusion and tamper events in alarm history

With TCP/IP networks commonly used as a base for security command and control applications, our SDK resources allow plug-and-play deployment of Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ perimeter security solutions into today’s network infrastructure.

Contact us to request a copy of any of our SDK resources.

To learn more about providers who currently offer interface to one or more of our INTREPID™ systems, visit our Technology Partners page.