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Dual Technology Sensors

Dual Technology Sensors

Southwest Microwave’s dual technology motion sensors offer the unique combination of Doppler Microwave and passive infrared technology to provide volumetric protection for a variety of outdoor applications.

These sensors are configured for “And Gate” operation; both technology elements must activate simultaneously for the sensor to alarm. The microwave portion must detect motion of an intruder, while the passive infrared portion must detect infrared (heat) radiation emitted by an intruder.

Dual technology sensors feature a 15 m x 12 m (50 ft x 40 ft) detection pattern, and are specified for the protection of specific assets, strategic areas or as a gap-filler in conjunction with Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ fence or buried cable perimeter intrusion detection system, microwave links or transceivers.

MS15 / MS16

MS15 / MS16 Dual Technology Motion Sensor

Designed to detect upright/walking and running targets. MS16 offers enhanced detection capability for prone crawling targets.