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The fact that we were able to integrate this security system seamlessly proves that INTREPID MicroPoint Cable is user-friendly. Ease of installation and use on a scale of one to ten are a ten. -Tim Barefoot, York Water Co.

INTREPID MicroPoint Cable

MicroPoint™ Cable is no longer available for purchase. Click here to learn about our new-generation fence detection system, MicroPoint™ II.

With more than 5 million meters (16 million ft) of cable now protecting security sensitive sites worldwide, the INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Cable fence detection system has become the perimeter security solution of choice across broad-ranging applications due to its unique ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances to within 3 m (10 ft) and eliminate nuisance alarms.

Using revolutionary Point Impact Discrimination technology, MicroPoint™ Cable reliably detects attempts to climb or cut a fence, while ignoring distributed fence disturbances caused by rain, wind or vehicle traffic. By successfully identifying the source of each disturbance, the system prevents the nuisance alarms that plague traditional fence sensors.

With MicroPoint™ Cable, operating power, system communications and alarm signals are all transmitted using a single, patented MicroPoint™ cable, eliminating the need for extensive wiring. Patented MicroPoint™ technology allows the assignment of detection zones anywhere along the cable, reducing hardware requirements and significantly lowering installed cost versus traditional fence sensors. Zones may be tied into camera presets for precise, immediate assessment of alarms.

MicroPoint™ Cable uniquely compensates for variations in fence fabric using a patented calibration process known as Sensitivity Leveling™, which achieves uniform sensitivity across the entire protected area without fence upgrades or replacement prior to sensor installation.

For INTREPID™ system control options, visit Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems.