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INTREPID Intelligent Sensors. Intelligent Choice.

INTREPID Intelligent Sensors: MicroPoint II, MicroTrack II, MicroWave 330

Unique digital signal processing capabilities. Scalable networking and control options. User-friendly installation tools. Whether your goal is reliable intrusion detection, seamless integration or ease of deployment, INTREPID™ smart sensors offer best-in-class performance to handle the most challenging high-security applications in the harshest environmental conditions. INTREPID™ technologies are recognized to provide the highest probability of detection and lowest nuisance alarm rates, ensuring that your front line and critical inner perimeter elements are protected by proven, trusted technologies that evolve with your security needs.

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INTREPID Single Platform Technologies

State-of-the-art detection capabilities. Seamless networking.

Our INTREPID™ Series II systems offer unique features and detection capabilities to reliably protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes. And for unparalleled configuration and operating convenience, this advanced detection suite employs a common, open architecture communications protocol, universal set-up software, scalable system controllers and a broad input voltage range – eliminating the high cost and complication traditionally associated with integrating multiple sensor technologies.

Finally, high-performance perimeter protection meets true systems convergence. With INTREPID’s single-platform sensor technologies, deploy any combination of fence, buried and digital microwave solutions on a unified network platform – to protect each portion of your perimeter with an optimal sensor for that location.

INTREPID High-security Standalone Sensors

Proven perimeter protection. Plug-and-deploy convenience.

As the latest additions to Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ family of intelligent perimeter security solutions, these leading-edge standalone microwave and fence detection technologies offer unprecedented ease of set-up and deployment with user-friendly installation software, letting installers tailor a solution for the user’s individualized requirements in minutes.

These high-performance sensors incorporate advanced, proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities to optimize discrimination between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances - mitigating risk of site compromise while effectively preventing nuisance alarms.